Story of SA Brunet

SA Brunet is a small family owned business that dates back three generations. Established in 1895 by Louis BRUNET, SA Brunet has built a reputation famous for their homemade delicatessens. usine-jean-brunet-vue-minWorking alongside her son Henri for many years and later with her grandson Jean in 1962, the company focuses on manufacturing fresh terrines – packed in a choice of glass jars or in box, always by being inspired by the know-how of its soil. Following the success of SA Brunet in 1980, the company has expanded over five hectares of ground and 8 000 m2 of the building to Rabastens of Bigorre. It uses state-of-the art technology to produce all of its products. The SA Brunet Company and is fully aware that satisfying the necessities of the market is something that is very important. This is why it has evolved into a company that is continually being inspired by the rich soils provided by the South West of France .

Our Knowledge

We are conscious that it is important to have a competitive advantage whilst operating a family owned business. This is why the people at SA Brunet pay particular attention to the quality of their products. Everything that gets distributed is of an optimum level.usine-terrine We buy all our meats within the EU (Europe) to ensure high quality cuts are distributed. Buying from local farmers also mean that we can have better control of the necessary requests of our customers. Our installations and machines are regularly revised and maintained in a concern of continuous improvement and our staff are periodically formed in the strictest standards of hygiene and quality food practice.