Ours products

90g Size

Our wide selection of glass cups is ideal for the small hungers, alone or for two! Every preparation is elaborated in the respect of traditions, and it has been since 1895. The experience that we put it in the service of the taste, and always without any coloring added, without emulsifier nor conservative so that every single tasting is a pleasure and a journey in the southwest!

180g Size

With their generous sizes our recipes are ideal to discover in family or between friends. With ingredients carefully chosen and authentic taste, these glass cups are perennially fashionable and will get for the gastronomes of the sensations deserving of a stay in the southwest

320g Size

Imagined from traditional recipes of the southwest, our greedy glass cups promise beautiful moments of sharing in family or between friends! They will satisfy the greediest and will enchant the most delicate papillae thanks to their ingredients strictly selected and their good local flavor.

Jean Brunet Selection 180 Size

Fresh meat from the French origin and the best ingredients, here is what gives to our selection its inimitable taste.For more than a century, we make it a point of honor to imagine recipes that will know to reming the southwest, in the respect for the taste and for the consumer, so that every bite is transformed into a journey full of the flavors.