The Brunet Company is equipped with technology that is made entirely or modified to adapt itself to the needs of producing high quality terrains. Modifications may involve changes that improve basic productive processes. This translates in cutting significant time and costs for overall production.

For that purpose, the process is completely automated, the “décageage of glass cups” until the labeling including cookers, choppers, mixers, doseuses, without forgetting diverse detectors of metals, X-rays which guarantee that products answer perfectly customer expectations.Concerning supplies of raw materials, the SA Brunet is proud to be able to say that they are in very big part native of France and Western Europe.

The company also proposes for several years – and according to the ranges – products developed from fresh meats resulting geographical controlled and bounded zones (IGP pork of the southwest for example), what is worth to him the privilege to market some of these under various labels, security of their quality. It is very important that products are in agreement with the specifications of the company and the customers. Thanks to the experience of his employees, SA Brunet can be considered as expert as regards the manufacturing of cans of pâtés today while being considered as one of the leading players of the sector in France. The short-term objective, to obtain certifications which will allow to develop the presence of the international company towards the strictest markets.